Friday, June 21, 2013

Restaurant Arras - Wonderland v2.0

As I have already done a full review on Restaurant Arras v1.0 at Welsh Bay, this will be mostly a picture post. Nevertheless I have to say I’m head-over-heels with Restaurant Arras v2.0 at Clarence St. The food is exceptional, menu much more comprehendible (those of you who have been to Arras v1.0 would know what I'm talking about), service impeccable, and all I think about after tonight is their undefeatable petit fours!!

The well lit and spacious dining area. The large 
table is for the wine and cutlery (in the drawers). 

The beautiful napkin ring

Canapé (Complementary)

Selection of sourdough (Complementary) 

Olive sourdough bread (Complementary) 

L Loves... Amuse Bouche (Complementary) 

L Loves... Amuse Bouche (Complementary) 

Beef rump, broccoli
Purple potato and horseradish buttermilk

Slow cooked pork neck
Artichoke crust, carrot and fennel

L Loves... Popcorn souffle, Popcorn ice cream, caramelised chustnet 

L Loves... Caramelised apple tart Raspberry sorbet, white peach

L Loves... Arras renowned petit fours tray!!! 

K's pick includes raspberry, mint and chocolate marshmallow, dark 
chocolate cherry, pistachio fudge, hazelnut praline, passionfruit jelly...

My greedy selection includes quince gelato, earl tea praline, olive chocolate, 
Pringles chocolate chip, pistachio fudge, hazelnut praline... 

The cheese trolley is handmade to the chefs' specifications 

Treats to go :)

L's Verdict:

·   Taste: 8.5/10
·   Ambience: 4/5
·   Value: 4/5 
·   Service: 5/5
·   Creativity and other WOW factors: 5/5 

Overall rating: 26.5/30

Restaurant Arras
204 Clarence Street,
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9283 1922
Open Lunch: Tuesday to Friday 12pm until 2.30pm
Dinner: Tuesday to Saturday 6pm until 10pm

Visited June 2013

Friendly advice: Asides their 3 course carte menu ($90 pp) and degustation menu ($140 pp), be sure to check out their daily menu that changes every couple of days depending on availability (two courses for $50, three courses for $70, coffee/tea and Arras petit fours for an additional $12). The restaurant manager and wait staff are brilliant and genuine, so let they know what you’re after and I’m sure they will amaze you with what they can do for you.

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  1. Glad to see they're still going strong.

  2. The petit fours tray brings out the kid in everyone!

  3. Hi Joey,
    Yes, I definitely think they’re excelling. To me the new location is much more accessible, I can’t wait to go back again!

    Hi Helen,
    Our eyes literally brightened up when they brought out the spectacular tray.
    Our affable waiter insisted that we take as much as we wanted and pointed out a couple we just had to try.
    It makes the whole experience extra fun and special!