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Birthday Degustation @ Cottage Point Inn

A few weeks back I received a little surprise in the mail. It was a postcard from Cottage Point Inn wishing me a happy birthday and that they are giving me a free 7 course degustation (valued at $140) any day in the month of May. Having had a wonderful meal there last year, Mr M and I decided to take on their wonderful gesture and give them another visit, and oh am I thankful that we did! :)

We booked in for Sunday lunch, advised them of my dietary requests which are duly noted. Throughout the week we had heavy rain in Sydney which got me a little worried. But just like last year, the weather turned out to be beautiful on the day. Note – the drive to Cottage Point involves a lot of turns and swirls, so even if not for the view, you wouldn’t want to go there on a wet day.

The view from our table 

Once we are greeted and seated, we saw the degustation menu on our table. They have taken out from the menu fish and raw beef just as I requested. We started off with a choice of rye bread roll or sourdough bread. It is noted on their menu their bread mother is 6 years old. The bread roll is very tasty but would have been even better if it had been warm. We are served small cups of sweet potato soup (for me) and salmon consommé (for Mr M).

Our Degustation Menu

Rye bread roll 

Our first course from the degustation is an amazingly fresh salad. It is not easy to excite with a salad but they have certainly done it. I loved the interesting textures: the crisp root veges, the toasted and crushed hazelnuts and the wonderfully creamy house made feta. Our second course is the lovely little pillows of spring onion and thyme gnocchi, served with pumpkin, goat cheese, burnt butter foam, pumpkin puree and pine nuts. The goat cheese tasted like cream cheese with a citrus tang. The rich pumpkin puree is so delicious with its natural sweetness. This dish is pleasantly balanced as the pumpkin cubes had a slightly citrus taste to counter the rich and aromatic burnt butter foam.

L Loves... “Field to Feast Farm”, Vegetable Salad, 
House Made Feta, Hazelnut Dressing

L Loves... Spring Onion & Thyme Gnocchi, Goats Chèvre, 
Burnt Butter Espuma, Pumpkin Puree, Pine nuts

The next three dishes followed through with the same high standard. They are delicately prepared, cooked and presented. The twice cooked quail legs and duck breast are cooked beautifully and just right for a lunch degustation that is nourishing and not too heavy. All the dishes look vibrant and spectacular as if they are made to match the enchanting waterfront view.

Rangers Valley Beef Cheek Ravioli, 
Horseradish Cream, Braised Leeks, Sherry Foam

Twice cooked Quail Legs, Pickled Coleslaw, 
Mushrooms, Grapes, Spiced Jus   

Hawkesbury Valley Duck Breast, 
Orange, Smoked Fennel, Spiced Jus

As we watched seaplanes arriving and departing (amusing really!), our waiter came with the most delicious white peach sorbet with tiny bits of white peach on top. Just as we thought things cannot get better, we are each served a gorgeous caramel apple soufflé. The soufflé is perfect in terms of consistency – it is light and fluffy, and not too sweet. Whoever came up with the idea of serving soufflé with apple compote and macadamia crumble is a genius, it is in essence combining two delicious desserts (apple crumble & soufflé) on one plate! What really got me hooked is the moreish cinnamon anglaise... mmm I want more!!! I finished both my and Mr M’s jugs of velvety crème anglaise!

Here they come again!

L Loves... Pre dessert - White Peach Sorbet

L Loves... Caramel Apple Souffle, Apple Compote, 
Macadamia Crumble, Cinnamon Anglaise 

At this point I looked at the menu and said to Mr M: “I don’t think we need the last course, the degustation would have ended perfectly with the soufflé”. It turned out Cottage Point Inn managed to prove me wrong again, and I love it when they do this! I am not normally so fond of cheese. Don’t get me wrong, I do like cheese, but sometimes you meet the odd ones that are too pungent or too salty or too overpowering or just bland. Today’s degustation encouraged me to explore more in the world of cheese. I adored how they used the different types of cheese to add flavour and texture to the three dishes (salad, gnocchi and this final cheese course: they happened to be my favourite three dishes today aside from desserts). The manchego and radicchio salad is so delicious and refreshing and IS the perfect ending of our three hour lunch. Thanks for a wonderful birthday meal Mr M & Cottage Point Inn :)

L Loves...  Manchego, Radicchio Salad, Walnuts Pedro Ximenez Sherry

What a peaceful hideout!

Cottage Point Inn - perfect for a Stressless Sunday Lunch!

L's Verdict:

•    Taste: 9/10
•    Ambience: 4.5/5
•    Value: 3/5
•    Service: 4/5
•    Creativity and other WOW factors: 4/5

Overall rating: 24.5/30 (updated rating from last visit)

Cottage Point Inn
2 Anderson Place
Cottage Point NSW 2084
Ph: (02) 9456 1011
Lunch: 7 days from Noon to 3pm
Dinner: Fri-Sat 6.30pm to 9.30pm & Sunday 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Visited May 2013

Friendly advice: I would not hesitate in recommending this lovely place to anyone. However do note this place is a little difficult to find – some GPS may not even locate it accurately. There are instructions on their website on how to get there (you could also get there by seaplane or by ferry). Also note there is no reception at this restaurant – that’s right, it’s the perfect hideout to enjoy a long, beautiful, uninterrupted lunch!

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